The Village Drum, LLC offers Professional....

Please contact me if you are considering hosting any kind of drum-related programming  for your school, business, or special event!
I can offer professional drum circle facilitation,  to the benefit of your group and community. 

What I do as a Drum Circle Facilitator......

A Community Drum Circle is an incredible rhythmic event generated by the creativity, unity, and intent to play music together,
by a collection of people of any age, interest, and ability.

Most often, the music is made by playing Remo drums, African style djembes, djun-djun, congas, tubanos, ashikos,shakers, wooden sticks, bells, guiros, and the unique sounds of our voices and body percussion!

This is a fabulous team building, community event and experience for any group like no other~

Please contact me directly for booking and pricing information for your Community Drum Circle. 
I am available for special events, conferences, staff workshops, school programs, festivals, etc.

Contact me by email to: or by phone at 603 557 1001
I look forward to being of service to you and your group, Julie


I also offer drum workshops with the beautiful, 3 ft Mother Drum made of Cedar wood, Elk & Cow skin.   A creation of Moondance Drums, Montana. 
Everyone loves the Mother Drum, from Children to Elders. Let me know if I can bring this drum to your community for singing, drumming, and dancing!                                


May all our people gather 'round the Mother Drum in celebration of our lives, community, and Spirit, to sing, drum, and dance ourselves awake into this new time.

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