I designed this CD to be super"user-friendly" so that you can play along

with me throughout  all 97 tracks of pure drumming fun!

This CD contains pictures of hand positions, bass-tone-slap technique,

some great warm-ups, and 7 full drumsongs including drum patterns.

You can use this CD for your own learning, or play along with your family & friends,  

or start your own drumming group with this CD as a reference.
The cost of my CD is only $15.00 with $2.95 shipping/handling I do wholesale to drum teachers as well, if you buy a minimum of 6 CD's.

This CD has sold very well, and the feedback from drummers  has been very positive and encouraging.
I know my CD has made it to Japan & South Africa.  How Cool!

Please contact Julie directly to order at:   thevillagedrum@aol.com or 603 557 1001.
Thank you, Julie