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As musicians, Julie Corey & Kathy Lowe have been presenting traditional, original &

world music, rhythms & songs to many populations. 
In 2018 & 2019, dancer and Zumba Kids instructor Roberta Hollinger joined with us for our school residencies
making it an amazing event of singing, drumming, dance & Zumba Party!    

With diverse instruments, drums, percussion, woodwinds, guitar, dulcimer, pan drums, voice, they offer
performances and teaching residencies where no matter how they appear, the audience is included and engaged.  

Their songs, rhythms and dances are selections are from World cultures, seasonal & holiday themes, earthly & nature,
humor and chants of love & spirit.  

​Julie, Kathy & Roberta have a natural ability to enjoy rhythm and dance in an expressive, fun way, which allows
a welcoming atmosphere where everyone in the room feels comfortable to join in with them. 

​can be offered in many forms, including:

*  In School Artist Residencies
*  All School Assemblies
*  Festivals
* Summer Camps

*  For Children, for College groups, for Seniors (can be adapted to a variety of populations)

Call or Text Julie directly at 603 557 1001 for availability for a BeatFest! event, and for pricing structure.
Email to:

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